My Promise

I’m Chuck Georgo and I established NOWHERETOHIDE.ORG to help government agencies and private sector organizations to better achieve our nation’s public safety, homeland security, and national security objectives.

As my company name implies, I want to help these organizations to create an environment where criminal elements literally have NOWHERE TO HIDE from justice.

I will do this by helping you and your government and private sector partners to

  • Think through, author, and communicate innovative, proactive operational and information technology plans;
  • Use enterprise architecture and service-oriented architecture as tools for building and implementing easy to use and useful information technology solutions;
  • Document and improve your internal business processes and leadership behaviors;
  • Implement secure and effective information sharing, fully capable fusion centers, and cutting edge intelligence analysis systems and technologies;
  • Create new opportunities for collaboration with partner agencies, the private sector, and local communities;
  • Use program evaluation, performance measures, and leadership as tools to “get things done.”

 NOWHERETOHIDE delivers the following types of services: 

  1. Strategic Planning and Causal Analysis
  2. Business Analysis and Business Process Design
  3. Enterprise and Service-Oriented Architecture
  4. Requirements Analysis and Definition
  5. Performance Measurement and Program Evaluation
  6. Problem-Oriented Leadership Development
  7. Project Management and Oversight

A Typical Engagement involves working with you to:

  • Define the mission specific results and outcomes that you want your organization to achieve;
  • Document the people, process and technoogy problems impeding your ability to achieve desired results;
  • Identify and understand the causes for policy, process, technology, and people problems that currently stand in your way;
  • Develop specific (and doable) actions to eliminate or mitigate those issues;
  • Implement those actions through change in your business processes, information technology, leadership, or management systems; and
  • Develop and help implement a performance assessment framework for you to assess progress towards the results you want to achieve.

As Executive Director of NOWHERETOHIDE, I promise you that: 

  1. I will know and understand your issues; the business of government, public safety, and homeland/national security;
  2. I won’t waste your time asking you and your staff questions you and I already know the answers to;
  3. I will tell you the truth; it may hurt, and I may lose you, but it will still be the truth;
  4. Everything I do will be of immediate value to you and your organization, or I won’t do it;
  5. I will continually work to earn your trust; long after your last check is cashed; and
  6. I vow to behave like a partner; not a vendor—simply put, the work that I do and the value it brings to you are the two most important things to me.

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