Public Health Management of Disasters: The Practice Guide, Third EditionPublic Health Management of Disasters: The Practice Guide, Third Edition

The all new edition of Public Health Management of Disasters: The Practice Guide will provide an updated operational field and desk guide for public health personnel who are preparing for or responding to disasters, and for the emergency management community who must work with public health in any response. The entire book has been updated and additional chapters and sections have been added. Updated information on roles and responsibilities, the organization of federal preparedness and response, working with emergency management, surveillance and information systems, emergency communications, environmental issues including food security, emerging diseases and bioterrorism, mental health services, people with disabilities and chronic disease, recovery and reconstruction, evaluation and the appendices.

In addition, sections/chapters have been added on current legislation, vulnerable populations, ethics, social media, resilience, whole community preparedness, response systems and capabilities. This book can be used by anyone in the field responding to a disaster, and is also designed for use by anyone working in emergency management preparedness or the delivery of public health services, as well as public health students and those at training institutes, health departments, and any community agency that either delivers public health or clinical services or works with the public during an emergency, and the public health role in emergency management.

Author: Linda Young Landesman DrPH

Published: 2012 • 450 pp. • soft cover • ISBN 978-087553-004-8 – APHA Member Price • $50.40 List Price $72.00


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