We have developed a number of fast, fun, and cost-effective training seminars to help you improve the performance of your organization. All of our seminars will include a hard bound Student Handbook that contains:

  • Seminar Agenda
  • List of Specific Learning Objectives
  • Copy of all Slides Used in the Seminar
  • At least Three Practical (Hands-On) Exercises
  • List of Related References and Websites for Further Study
  • A “Top-Five List of Things You Can Do Tomorrow” to be Successful

Current seminars and seminars in the development pipeline include:

(Click on title to see the outline)

Learn To Lead People

1. Leading Up, Down, and Out: A Practical Problem Solving Approach for First-Line Law Enforcement Leadership

2. Herding Cats: A Model for Building Cooperation and Teamwork for First-Line and Mid-Level Supervisors.

Learn to Use Visuals to Inspire Action

1. Using visualization to motivate leadership behavior: performance and project scorecards.

2. Strategies for communicating intelligence and law enforcement analytic results. 

Learn To Manage Organizations

1. Maneuvering for the Public Good: Practical Strategic Planning for Government Agencies.

2. Managing Government Programs: Achieving Meaningful Results When You’re Not In Charge; Using Influence

3. Financing for Results: Driving Organizational Performance Through Strategy-Based Financial Decision Making.

Learn To Manage Technology

1. Good, Fast and Cheap: Being an Effective Technology Project Manager in Today’s “I Want it Yesterday” Environment.

2. So You Want a New RMS: Practical, Time-Tested Strategies for Upgrading Your Law Enforcement Records Management System.

3. Getting Past the SOA Rhetoric: An Executive Primer for Implementing Service Oriented Architecture.

Learn to Develop Your Staff

1. To Teach or Not to Teach: Using Performance Technology to Solve Organization Performance Problems and Enhance Staff Effectiveness.

2. OJT Revisited: Applying Action Learning to Enhance On-the-Job Training and Performance.

Learn to Secure Your Organization

1. Who’s in Your House? How Business Espionage Can Hurt Your Company and What You Can Do About it.

2. Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts: How Foreign Countries are Breaching Your Security.

3. It’s the People Stupid: How Taking Care of Your Employees Can Help to Protect You From Economic Espionage.

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