Leading Up, Leading Down, and Leading Out

A Practical Problem Solving Approach for First-Line Law Enforcement Leadership

Learning Objectives:  You will learn…

  • To recognize the limitations of current methods of leadership development;
  • The three categories of law enforcement situations that call for results-oriented leadership action;
  • How to troubleshoot performance situations to find the true causes for poor performance
  • How to use seven key skills as a “Tool Set” to effectively apply leadership in these situations; and
  • How to develop a “Situation Action Plan” for developing and implementing situation specific leadership.


  • Part I—Current Situation

– Why typical approaches to leadership development don’t work

– What’s Needed—simple, practical alternative, driven by specific problems

– Something you can use immediately to make a difference

  • Part II—Leadership Situations

– Getting the boss to do/stop doing something

– Getting your staff to do/stop doing something

– Getting folks outside your organization to do/stop doing something

  • Part III—Troubleshooting Performance Problems

– How to tell what a “problem” really is

– How to focus on root causes

– Five factors affecting desired performance

1. Do they know WHAT to do?

2. Are they SKILLED to do it?

3. Are they MOTIVATED to do it?

4. Do they have the RESOURCES to do it?

5. Are they REWARDED for doing it?

  • Part IV—Key Skills –  “The Tool Set”

– Seeing Skill

– Fixing Skill

– Deciding Skill

– Communicating Skill

– Motivating Skill

– Rewarding Skill

– Diplomatic Skill

  • Part V—Developing a “Situation Action Plan”

– Format and content for an effective action plan

– How and when to integrate the Tool Set

– Implementation strategies

Practical Exercises:

#1: Describing a personal performance problem situation

#2: Identifying root-causes for performance problem  in #1

#3: Self Assessing Your Leadership “Tool Set”

#4:  Building a personal action plan

All attendees receive:

  • Student handbook with full set of training slides
  • List of references and books for further reading
  • Job Aid for using these skills on the job
  • Certificate of completion

Length:  One-day (9am– 4pm)

Cost:  $199.00 per person (deep discounts available for 20+ attendees)

Locations:  (TBD) Call 410-903-6289 for more information

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