Who’s in Your House?

How Business Espionage Can Hurt Your Company and What You Can Do About it

Learning Objectives:  You will learn to…

  • Understand the difference between national security threats, business espionage, and the insider threat
  • Learn about the major components that make up your “domain”
  • Gain a better understanding of the  “game board” for knowing and addressing threats to your domain
  • Learn five winning strategies to keep the threat at bay:

– Ask the right questions;

– Do the math;

– Trust, but verify;

– Use the velvet rope and black cloth; and

– Educate, communicate, and reward.

Practical Exercises:

#1: What is your “domain”

#2: Project inventory

#3: Vulnerability assessment

#4:  Developing an action plan

All attendees receive:

  • Full set of training slides
  • List of references and books for further reading
  • Job Aid for using these skills on the job

Length:  One-day (9am– 4pm)

Cost:  $199.00 per person

Locations:  (TBD) Call 410-903-6289 for more information

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